Thursday, December 04, 2008

For many years around the first of every month the mail carrier placed a lot of magazines in our mailbox. Not anymore!

We still receive a few magazines in the mail and our daughter provides us with several more every month.

Now, there is only one that I always look forward to with great excitement: Southern Living.

No I wasn’t born in the South. I didn’t grow up in the South. And even though I live in the Southwest, I don’t consider myself a southerner.

But I do enjoy Southern Living magazine. The December issue is a double issue and it is packed with good stuff. Oh, there is not as many of the great comfort food recipes that I like in this issue, but there is still 149 good recipes. The picture of the Big White Cake on the cover is enough to make me drool and I’m not especially fond of cake.

Some of the people at Southern Living have spent a year infusing them selves with Christmas. All that time and energy resulted in a great December issue.


Yellow Rose Arbor said...

I like Southern Living magazine too! I am a Southerner! I have let my subscription expire, but you have made me want to go find that new issue! Just today I received an offer from SL to get gift subscriptions for $10 each! That's an offer I can't refuse! I'll probaly get them for my daughters too.