Monday, February 23, 2009

The following poem is from a mother's heart to a son. I could have written this to my son--or daughter. I have known and loved this poem for years. I guess I have my children on my heart right now for some reason or I should say they are always there!

Do you know that your soul is of my soul such part,
That you seem to be fibre and cord of my heart?
None other can pain me as you, dear, can do,
None other can please me or praise me as you.

Remember the world will be quick with its blame
If shadow or stain ever darken your name,
"Like mother like son" is a saying so true,
The world will judge largely of "Mother" by you.

Be yours then the task, if task, it shall be
To force the proud world to do homage to me,
Be sure it will say when its verdict you've won,
"She reaped as she sowed, Lo! this is her son."

Margaret Johnston Griffin


Smilingsal said...

You've brought a tear to my eye. That's just beautiful.

Sorry about my post keeping you away from Charlotte. Why don't you play a wordle too?

Joyfull said...

Beautiful poem, touches deeply the heart of a mother.
Thank you for your kind comment on my cooking blog! Since I live with a husband and three sons, cooking hearty is a must at my home. Thanks again for a smile!

kymber said...

Hi Clif,
Being so far from all of my "babies" is so hard at times - I loved this poem. I don't think you ever stop worrying and wanting the best for them. When I as a mother feel this way - the deep LOVE that I have as a mother, I can only imagine how our Heavenly Father - the epitome of love -must hunger for us and grieve over us here in this world - wanting only the best for us and wanting us to cleave unto HIM
Thanks for sharing this today!