Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christian writer Max Lucado tells about when he received a puppy he named Liz for a Christmas gift when he was a small boy. His mother and father made it clear that he was to be Liz's caretaker. He was to clean her little eating dish and open her can of puppy food. He was to supply her every need. He was glad to do it. But after a few days his feelings changed a bit. He didn't like those words, "your dog." Your dog in sickness and in health. For richer for poorer. In dryness and in wetness. That's when it occurred to him. "I am stuck with Liz." The courtship was over and the honeymoon had ended.

Such permanence can lead to panic--at least it did with Max. He had to answer some tough questions. Can I tolerate the same flat-nosed, hairy, hungry face every morning? (You wives know the feeling:) Am I going to be barked at until the day I die? Will she ever learn to clean up her own mess?"

Such are the questions we ask when we feel stuck with someone. There is a word for this condition--stuckititis.

Jesus Himself knew the feeling of being stuck with someone. For three years He ran with the same crew. By and large, He saw the same dozen or so faces around the table, around the campfire, around the clock.

It's one thing to be stuck with a puppy, but something else entirely to be stuck in a marriage or other human relationship.

The answer to stuckititis is to look at Jesus and to see His heart of forgiveness. The answer is found in the thirteenth chapter of John. Study that chapter and you will see that of all the times Jesus is seen bowing His knees, none is so precious as when He knelt before His disciples and washed their feet.

Any relationships in your world thirsty for mercy? Are there any who sit around your table who need to be assured of your grace?

(Adapted from Max Lucado's wonderful book, Just Like Jesus)


hip-chick said...

I sure am glad that Jesus sticks with me. And, there is no other person I would rather be stuck with than my husband. Of course there are days when it is not always easy to admit that.

Lisa said...

Great post Clif. A few folks come to mind that could use a little mercy. Thanks for the reminder.:)

Mevely317 said...

Yes, and yes again! ... to these questions, that is!
Unfortunately, there have been times the "stickum" has come undone; my regrets so bitter.
Thank you for sharing this adaption!

(PS ... Wonderful picture!)

sarah said...

stuckitis...I've felt that a few times but I'm so thankful He always unstuck me....Happy Sunday tomorrow.

Loren said...

I can immediately think of someone who could receive grace and when reading your words clearly the Lord is speaking to me.....Thank you Clif! I am thankful that the Lord sticks by me even in my stubborn and strong willed times! He offers far more grace than I do!

Love and Blessings!

Whidbey Woman said...

Thanks for sharing more of Max Lucado's work. It is so inspiring! This week someone sent us a card with one of his quotes on it:
"Christ is running the show right now. A leaf just fell from a tree in the Alps. Christ caused it to do so. A newborn baby in India just inhaled for the first time. Jesus measured the breath." The card reminded us that the Lord knows everything we're going though and loves us very much.
Happy Spiritual Sunday, Clif!


Well, Clif, you've done it again. Hit me sqare between the eyes. I find myself regrouping each morning to be able to tolerate certain people. That's not really getting rid of stickitits. That's just rubbing some cream on it until it starts itching again. Time for me to have a true change of heart and be more like Christ is with me. Thanks for the lesson. Great post. Bobbi

Virginia said...

To your question, yes and yes. Stuckititis……I need to remember your post when I get an attacks of stuckititis.
Great post,like it a lot.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

This makes me look at the people I work with day in a day out differently. Thank-you for this post today I needed it.

Wayne and I are going for a drive today. To the beach or San Diego or the mountains, not sure where yet but I wish you were in driving distance, we would be at your door today.

SmilingSally said...

Forgiveness is the key, isn't it? I need improvement on this trait.