Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Almost every day---if not every day, we need to ask ourselves, "Will this matter a year from now?"

This being all kinds of things: Disagreement with a loved one, or boss, a lost opportunity, rejection from a friend or friends.

Asking this question will not solve all your problems but it will help you see them in a "new light" and give you needed perspective.

This morning, for example, I got up laughing at something that has been bothering me for days. Why? Because I realize now that this thing I have been concerned about doesn't amount to "a hill of beans." Nobody cares about it but me. Well maybe my wife. But nobody else. Oh sure, others pretend to care. And I would like to believe they do. But I woke up this morning knowing they don't--not really.

I said to myself, "Buster (I call myself Buster sometimes when I'm talking to myself) nobody gives a flip about this but you. Get over it."

Will this matter a year from now? Flip, it won't matter two months from now. Yeh, I think that's about right two months. It shouldn't even matter two days from now. But I'm trying to be honest here.

No, it will not matter a year from now!

I'm already starting to feel better.

You should try this. It works.


Loren said...


This is something I have learned to ask myself and have my kids do the same. Although, My question is "Five years from now will this be important?"
One year ~ five's all the same idea....

Glad you are feeling better about the situation! It really does help to bring it into perspective!

Mevely317 said...

My son is fond of telling me the same thing .... such a wise guy, he knows I'm always "sweating the small stuff."

How neat is that -- your beginning a new day with laughter!

OK, I didn't laugh ....but your mention of "Buster" sure made me smile!