Wednesday, November 10, 2010

When we lived in Northern California every year about this time we would go out and cut wood for the fireplace or buy it and have someone else cut it, haul it in and stack it by the house.

It was more fun to go out with the guys and cut our own. We weren't great wood cutters and we did more fooling around than working but it was a lot of fun. One day a year I felt like a stud instead of a little preacher.

Our first few years in Arizona we bought wood.

And then wood became very expensive. The people in charge of air quality discouraged burning wood. And I just became plain discouraged. But I wanted to keep the home fires burning.

They will be delivering our propane today or tomorrow.

I love to get up in the morning and turn the fireplace on to knock the chill off.

I love to sit by the fireplace in the evening just talking to Charlotte, watching television or reading a book. For some reason I especially like to have a fire in the fireplace at Thanksgiving time and Christmas---IF its not hot as blazes outside.

It's very cool this morning. I wish he would get here with that propane.


Anonymous said...

My sis and bro in law have one of those propane fireplaces in Indiana where they live. I enjoy it so very much. Connie

Loren said...

Oh I completely agree with you! I L♥VE having a fire in the fireplace! When it turns the slightest bit chilly you will find a fire going in the McGhee household!
We have a woodburning in the living room and then in the kitchen sitting area we have the kind that your turn on with a switch! Every morning Jantzen and the dogs sit by the fire before he leaves for school! It is pure heaven no matter which one we have going! We LOVE IT!

Happy Wednesday

Mevely317 said...

You're sooo fortunate to have a fireplace, Clif!
Not sure why, but nothing says "Home" to me like a softly crackling fireplace.