Friday, January 14, 2011

Today I am revisiting an excellent book, One Heartbeat Away--Your Journey Into Eternity by Mark Cahill.

My nephew, Mike Hodge wrote a guest review of this book for my blog, November 9, 2010. I encourage you to read that review here:

After reading Mike's review I was excited about reading the book but because of my obligation to read and review other books I have been prevented from reading it until now. 

I want you to read this excellent book because I want you to answer the question Mark Cahill asks.

You were born. You learned to walk and talk. You
went to kindergarten and then elementary school.
You learned to play sports. You went to junior high 
and high school. You were overly concerned about
your grade point average. You got your driver's license.
You went to college. You went to some concerts. You
got a job. You got married. You had some kids. You
cheered your favorite sports teams. You retired.

You died.

Now what?


Lori said...

Cliff, I just can't say enough about this book. SO glad you are revisiting it! Absent from the body, present with the Lord as my old Baptist Pastor used to say! May He be forever praised....I need to be much better about telling others about Him.

Mildred said...

Thank you for the info about this book. I hope you and Charlotte have a lovely weekend.

Whidbey Woman said...

Happy Spiritual Sunday.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Thank-you for telling us about this book because I have never heard of it and would love to read it. I'm going to book mark this page just in case I forget the name :)

MTJ said...

Hi Clif,

I read the book review by your nephew. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope the publisher offers a Kindle version.

Blessings and peace.


Karen said...

We lost 4 members of our small church near Christmas unexpectedly ( in 4 different incidents). It really makes you think about how close eternity is.

sarah said...

thanks for the review on this book....I hope your weekend is the best.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

That's a good question!

When my second son was about nine years old, the pastor asked him to join him on the platform after an amazing concert we had. I remember there were about three hundred folks in the church that evening. The pastor asked my little boy to close in prayer that night. I remember well, my heart was thumping in my throat as Joel began to pray. When he ended his prayer, he asked the congregation this question, "When you lay your head upon your pillow tonight, ask yourself this question,'Where will you spend eternity?'" It's a good question and every one of us needs to ponder it!

Have a wonderful weekend.


Cindy Adkins said...

Purely amazing, Clif!!!! Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!!!

Joan said...

Powerful words, Clif. So many people go through life thinking they will live to an old age, that there will be time to accept Christ...the list goes on.

In reality, we are all a heartbeat away from eternity and none of us know when that last heartbeat will occur.

Julie said...

GOOD question!! Your post goes so well with #27 post on Spiritual Sunday. (Did you guys co-ordinate?) :-) A double dose of thinking about the here and now between the busy-ness of life and then the final lap approaching our homecoming before our own judgement and assessment of life here....Enjoyed.


Clif, thanks for bringing this book to our attention. I have such a list of books to read I'm not sure when I will get to them all, but this is one that I really want to get. Have a great week and God bless, Dr. Bobbi

Donnie said...

I believe that I will see my Lord and Master. I may be in the back of the great hall behind a pillar but He said if I believe in Him I will be there so I will be there.