Friday, December 09, 2011

Scottsdale has become a study in contrasts, where residents and visitors can ride horseback through pristine Arizona desert in the morning and visit one of the country’s best contemporary art museums in the afternoon. It is now counted among the largest cities in the nation, but retains its connection to its small-town, Western heritage. 

The Phoenix area is big---really big! It spreads out in every direction.

But for some reason it still has that small town feel for me. Maybe not for everybody. But for me it does and I like it.

I grew up in Lawton, Oklahoma. Graduated from High School and went to two years of college there.

I felt like I knew almost everybody in town. I didn't of course, and had sense enough to know it. But still I knew a lot of people.

A few days ago pushing a cart around in Fry's Market I met a man I know. We met and became friends at a health club.

Today while pushing a cart around in Costco I heard a cheery "Hi, how are you?" It was a Doctor who lived next door to us at one time but now has moved away. 

A few months back we were at Oregano's Italian restaurant waiting to be seated when a family we knew walked in. I had known the lady and her family when she was just a young girl in California. I married her and her husband in Phoenix. I preached her mother's funeral. We hadn't seen her and her husband in many months. They were moving the next week to Colorado. 

Will I see somebody I know tomorrow when I am out and about? Maybe. I don't know.

This is a big place. There are a lot of people here. But to me---it's getting "smaller" all the time. It feels like home.

I like it!