Friday, February 20, 2015

Quick, Flavorful Paleo
Meals for Eating Well
By Pete Evans

OVERVIEW: "Ever wonder what kind of Paleo dishes an internationally acclaimed chef might prepare? Wonder no more. The Paleo Chef brilliantly combines Pete's passion for real food with his sophisticated, flavor-first approach to cooking. Best of all, the ravishing meals in these pages were designed for home cooks, making them a cinch to prepare in your own kitchen. This book is brimming with delicious inspiration, and deserves a permanent place on your counter."  —Michelle Tam, author of the New York Times bestseller Nom Nom Paleo  (From the back of the book).

AUTHOR: Pete Evans is an award-winning international chef, restaurateur, author, television presenter, adventure seeker, and father. Pete recently made his U.S. debut as host of The Moveable Feast on PBS. He has authored seven internationally successful cookbooks and has contributed to such publications as Fine Cooking magazine. As a graduate of New York's Institute for Integrative Nutrition, a health coach, and an enthusiastic supporter of the Paleo movement, Pete's mission is to revolutionize the way we eat and live.

MY REVIEW: The Paleo lifestyle is not something that someone came up with recently. It takes ideas about what made our ancestors healthy and strong survivors and adapts them to twenty-first-century life. This is a good book. It is beautifully done and it is unique. The recipes offer full flavor and are brought to life with stunning, full-color photography.

The book cover appeals to me, a "down to earth" type because Pete Evans is pictured on the cover barefooted. And then the first picture in the book is of a beautiful pork chop. But after that, I must admit that the recipes do not appeal to me until the dessert section. I grew up in Oklahoma and I have a Cracker Barrel mentality. The recipes I like best come from my favorite magazine —Southern Living. The recipes in Pete Evan's book may be delicious but I would not be classify them as comfort food.

So, do I recommend this book? Maybe not to my close friends who see food the same way I do. But for  that large group of people that are discovering the health benefits of the Paleo lifestyle and are cutting out processed, sugary foods and instead eating quality proteins and fats, fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds they will love this book.

(I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.)