Tuesday, May 11, 2010

ROARING LIONS, CRACKING ROCKS, and Other Gems from Proverbs
By Warren Baldwin

OVERVIEW: For over two thousand years the book of Proverbs has provided wise counsel and spiritual direction for God's people. The short, rapid style and the piercing truths of Proverbs penetrate the readers' hearts, challenging them to align their lives with the wisdom they proclaim. Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks, and Other Gems from Proverbs brings the ancient proverbs into contemporary focus by applying their truths to modern situations. Marriage, parenting, friendship, work, money and other topics are brought under the scrutiny of this ancient wisdom. Each chapter in Roaring Lions is a short essay on a specific proverb that makes God's word to you come alive with relevance.

AUTHOR: Warren Baldwin lives in Ulysses, KS with his wife and their three children. Warren attended Freed-Hardeman University, Harding Graduate School, and Abilene Christian University. He has ministered with churches in Florida, Wyoming and Kansas.

MY REVIEW: Warren Baldwin is a fellow minister that I met through blogging. I discovered that he posts on three different blog sites and that everything he writes is interesting, timely and beneficial for spiritual growth. When I heard that he had written a book, I knew that it would be good. I didn't know that it would be as good as it is.

Many books have been written about the book of Proverbs by some of the world's best scholars. I have several of these in my collection of books. And of course, some have been written by men and women who are not scholars but Christians who love the word of God and have been blessed with insight into its message. What Warren Baldwin adds to this collection of books and writers is his ability to take these proverbs and illustrate how they relate to today and to each of us. This book is filled with illustrations and stories that make it seem like each proverb was written just for you. This book is filled with wisdom--wisdom from God. This would make an excellent graduation gift. But it also a book that will bless all of us regardless of age.


Debbie said...

I recently purchased Warren's book too. However, with a recent move I had to pack my books and am only now unpacking them. Warren's book on Proverbs is one I hope to begin soon. I think he's such a nice man and I've loved connecting with him through blogging.

Thanks for reminding me Clif.


Loren said...

I appreciate Warren and the Wisdom that He shares with soo many ! I have yet to get his book but I know it will be sooo good once I do!

Blessings to you Clif

Heart2Heart said...


I have Warren's book and I love how he has personalized the proverbs with his own stories. I can completely relate to so many of them in my own life.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Warren Baldwin said...

Thank you Clif! I am sorry to be so late getting here and reading this very nice review.

One of the things I hoped to do with the book is to show how ancient, biblical wisdom is as timely today as the day it was originally written. All we have to do is take some time to read, reflect and pray over them and some amazingly contemporary applications can be made.

Thanks again for the review and I am gratified that you found the book benefical.