Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Biblical Truth for Our Deepest Concerns
by James Merritt

OVERVIEW: We all have a list of questions we'd like to ask God if we could bend His ear. Popular pastor and author James Merritt reminds us that God is neither surprised nor offended by our concerns. In this book, he wrestles with some of the most frequently asked questions about faith, life, and the world around us--questions that perhaps you've been hesitant to ask the only One who can answer them:
*God, why do You allow innocent people to suffer?
*Are people of other faiths with You in heaven?
*Did You use evolution to create the universe?
*Is the bible really Your Word?
*Do You really have a plan for my life?

AUTHOR: Dr. James Merritt is a pastor, author, and host of the television program Touching lives, seen nationwide and in 122 countries weekly. Known for the ability to communicate timeless wisdom in down-to-earth language he's been featured on 60 Minutes, Fox News, and MSNBC.

MY REVIEW: This book contains Bible answers to ten questions that claw at us. For example: "If You're So Good, Why Do You Allow Innocents to Suffer?. As a pastor for almost fifty years I was confronted with this question about human suffering, more than any other. James Merritt does a good job of taking the Bible and answering that question. Will you agree with the answers he gives to all of the questions in the book? Maybe not. But you may, because he goes directly to the Scriptures for his answers and then he gives wonderful stories and illustrations of the truths he finds there. Merritt writes in a way that holds your attention and makes you keep turning the pages. I believe this is a book that will be of benefit to most Christians and one that you will want to share with others. Do I agree with every answer Dr. Merritt gives? There may be a few points we differ on--but not many. Read the book for yourself and see what you think about his answers to questions like, "How Can You Be One God in Three Persons?", "Did You Use Evolution to Create the Universe?"

(Thanks to Harvest House Publishers for giving me this book for review.)