Wednesday, May 08, 2013

By Eric Metaxas

OVERVIEW: SEVEN MEN offers answers in the captivating stories of some of the greatest men who have ever lived. In this gallery of greatness, seven historical figures come to life as real people who experienced struggles and challenges that probably would have destroyed the resolve of most other men. Having heroes and role models was always tremendously important for society, but in the last few decades this has changed, with seriously troubling results. Eric Metaxas says it's time to reverse the trend. With vitality and warmth, the New York times best-selling author restores to the reader a sense of the heroic―the idea that certain lives are worthy of emulation.

AUTHOR: Eric Metaxas is the author of New York Times #1 bestseller and ECPA "Book of the Year" Bonhoeffer, the bestseller Amazing Grace: William Wilberforce and the Heroic Campaign to End Slavery, and more than thirty other books. He is currently the voice of BreakPoint, a radio commentary broadcast on 1,400 radio outlets with an audience of 8 million. Metaxas was the keynote speaker at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC, and was awarded the Canterbury Medal in 2011 by the Becket Fund for Religious Freedom. Metaxas has written for Veggie Tales, Chuck Colson, and the New York Times. He currently lives in New York with his wife and daughter.

MY REVIEW: I can give no better recommendation for this book than to quote author, Oz Guinness who said, "This is a book to read, to read aloud to others, and then read again. In a day when children are growing up stunted because of our diet of empty-headed celebrities and contemptible villains, true heroism and manliness need special nourishment. Eric Metaxas had done it again, and again we are in his debt."

This is a splendid book and I highly recommend it. Metaxas writes about seven great men: George Washington, William Wilberforce, Eric Liddell, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Jackie Robinson, Pope John Paul II, and Charles W. Colson.

After hearing Eric Metaxas speak on television and at our church and then reading his marvelous book, Bonhoeffer, I couldn't wait to get my hands on 7 Men. I was not disappointed. Eric Metaxas is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.

This is a book that I would like to give to every teenager―but not just teenagers. This is a book for all of us. We need positive role models. Metaxas writes about great men that lived inspirational lives. By looking at those lives we become inspired to live better lives ourselves.

I suggest you get this book and then pass it on. We all need to be inspired!

(I received this book for free from Thomas Nelson (BookSneeze) for this review.)