Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guest Review by Charlotte Ditmore

Understanding the Angels 
by Dr. James Hodges, Ph.D.

About the author: Dr. James Hodges began his ministry in 1978. The early part of his ministry was focused on teaching Christian development and working with young adults. In 1990, he founded Project Word, an acronym for Working on Renewed Determinations, which teaches young adults how to have a successful lifestyle and learning to overcome challenges and failures. In 2002, as a speaker for the International Fellowship of Christian Businessmen at Lake Lure, North Carolina, he taught on prayer. He has taught classes for troubled youth in the Louisiana Court System and travels extensively throughout the United States developing programs in churches.

My Review: Clif knew of my interest in angels and finding out more about them, so when this book came up for review, he asked me if I would like to read it and review it. I said "yes."  I have read several books on the subject of angels, but I now understand more about them after reading this book. For instance, I knew there were a lot of angels but using scripture to back it up, Dr. Hodges has calculated an estimated number of how prolific they really are. He has included a chapter on the fallen angels, but most of the book is dedicated to describing the "good" angels.  I was impressed with the many scriptures Dr. Hodges quoted to help explain the different categories of angels from the "Mighty Angels" to the Cherubims and Seraphims. Each category has its own special assignments. The author even includes examples of his own personal experiences of visitation by angels. Although these are his experiences and I hesitate to disagree with him I have to say that I found some of them to be a little "bizarre." But, of course, that is just my opinion and other readers will decide that for themselves. Over all, I believe if you are interested in this subject, you will be blessed by reading the book.