Monday, October 10, 2011

How The church Will End Extreme Poverty
By Scott C. Todd, PhD

OVERVIEW: Fast Living is unapologetically hopeful. Riveted with eye-opening economic progress. And firmly rooted in God's words. Scott Todd's keen biblical insights and on-the-ground experience will change forever how we live the "true fast" of Isaiah 58. And in dramatic fashion, he reveals the truth: Jesus never said the poor will always be with "us." For a generation of Christians tired of cliches or messages of guilt, Fast Living lifts our expectations to live our noble callings and demonstrate the Good News in a history-making way. Skeptical? Bring your questions and your doubts. Take a personal journey with Dr Scott Todd into Fast Living and join a movement that will end abject poverty on a global scale.

AUTHOR: Dr. Scott Todd is the Senior Ministry Advisor for compassion International and one of the chief architects of 58: Combining his analytical background in academic research and immunology with his passion for the cause of Christ, he speaks plainly about what is possible when the church bands together in strategic actions fueled with compassion. He is a champion for the poor. An encourager of the Church. And a voice speaking to a new generation of Christians eager to make a difference.

MY REVIEW: Wow! What a book! What a challenge!

When I first read the words: "How The Church Will End Extreme Poverty," I was skeptical--very skeptical. I almost laughed. And I thought to myself, "Oh yeah. And just how do you expect that to happen?" Well, it took awhile for Dr. Todd to give me a satisfactory answer. In fact, I had to read the entire book. Oh, I started thinking differently a few chapters in. But I have known all my life about extreme poverty and I truly did believe Jesus said, the poor will always be with us. What an eye opener to read Jesus' statement in context and to see the true meaning of what He did say. 

Do I think, as Dr. Todd does, that we will end pandemic poverty by 2035? I don't know if we will, but I do now think that it is possible. I have come a long way in my thinking on this subject just by reading this book. I think you will too. I encourage you to buy a copy of this book soon. Let's be a part of the answer to world hunger.

(I want to thank CGrant & Company for giving me this book for review.)


keri said...

I also enjoyed this book--very inspiring and practical. I highly recommend it. While poverty and its causes are complex and multi-faceted, Fast Living helped simplify and clarify the issues for me. We can change the world, simply by choosing to obey God's call to fast and pray (as described in Isaiah 58). You mentioned the author's interpretation of "the poor you will always have" which I found very interesting. I wrote an article inspired by several books, including this one, that goes into more depth on that passage. You can use it on your blog or newsletter: There’s also a free readers guide available for groups who want to study the book: