Tuesday, October 11, 2011

God's Plan for Finding Peace and Contentment
By Dr. Linda Mintle

OVERVIEW: Does worry have you in its grip? Respected author, speaker, and counselor Dr. Linda Mintle comes to the rescue with basic, practical ideas drawn from longtime professional experience and her personal qualifications as a veteran worrier, with Dr. Linda's help, you can rethink your core beliefs and surrender worry to God as you discover
     *the spiritual roots of worry
     *what to do when anxious thoughts
     *how to have peace about health, job,
      money, and relationships
     *practical ways to cultivate a truly worry-free life
     *the biblical secret to lasting contentment

AUTHOR: Dr. Linda Mintle is a national speaker and bestselling author of over 15 books. She appears regularly on national broadcasts and is a network news contributor. A licensed clinical social worker, she specializes in marriage and family therapy and eating disorders. She holds a PhD in urban health and clinical psychology.

MY REVIEW: Because I come from a family of worriers and spent almost fifty years as a pastor--I know a lot about worry. I have felt the need to educate myself on the subject and therefore have read about and studied the subject as much as possible. Dr. Mintle's book is one of the best I have read. She covers the subject from every possible angle.

The best part of the book is that Dr. Mintle is not only presenting her common sense advice gained from years of experience, she is presenting God's plan for finding peace and contentment. She does an excellent job of pointing readers to God and His Word. I smiled when I read what Ruth Graham wrote in her introduction: "My friend Dr. Linda Mintle has written a valuable book--it could be titled All You Wanted to Know About Worry but Were Too Anxious to Ask!" I recommend you read this book if you are worried and anxious. It will help!

(Thanks to Harvest House Publishers for giving me this book for review.)