Thursday, July 30, 2009

BOOK REVIEW--- NOW WHAT? 90 Days to a New Life Direction by Laura Berman Fortgang

Many of us want to take our lives in a new, more meaningful direction. But what is that direction? And how do we make it a reality?

Some of the answers lie in Forgang's extraordinary book, Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction. The book offers a result-oriented program for anyone who longs for a new professional or personal path; has experienced divorce, separation, loss, or relocation; or is a young, mid-life, or retired searcher looking forward to a new chapter in their lives.

Fortgang found that career and life satisfaction stems less from what we choose to do for a living and more from who we get to be while we are doing it. Now What? takes us through the steps to find out what that "it" might be and how to get there from here, in a twelve-week, one week-per-chapter format that encapsulates Fortgang's highly successful 90-day program.

Anne Fisher, Fortune Magazine said, "...This wise, honest, and practical book can help you figure out what may be holding you back, and where to go from here. I'm recommending it for everyone I know. Great stuff!"

Because of my age, position in life and the fact that I feel complete and happy with the life I am now living, this book didn't speak to me directly. Maybe it should have and I wish it would have--but it didn't. I found it extremely interesting however, because of the many people I know who are looking for something more in their lives. I have the opportunity to talk to and counsel with some of these people and I found this book helpful in that way.

I feel this book will be helpful to many people. There are not many young people like the quarterback for the Arizona State football team. Besides football, he is involved in many activities. His mother said of him, "He's present in his life and doing the things he loves. Know who you are and match that with what you're doing. I have admiration for who he is as a person aside from all the things he's doing. He's an interesting kid with a lot of depth. He doesn't do anything that isn't easy to support." Well there you have it. But how many of us are like that? Not many. And he's young. Time changes many things.

Think you need some changes in your life? Check out Now What?. It will help.


SmilingSally said...

LOL Since you brought it up: you should lie down, but you should never lay down.

Heart2Heart said...


Another wonderful book review. I will definitely be adding this to my list of books to check out.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat