Monday, June 27, 2011

We hear the term radical quite often today. And most of the time radical is considered to be bad. We talk about radical Islam and radical Christianity. We are taught that if you are radical that you have gone over board and become extreme, which is not good. But it is my sincere belief that radical Muslims and radical Christians are those who understand, teach and practice what their religion teaches. Being a Christian I believe in and encourage radical Christianity because I believe this at the heart of what God wants. I do not believe in radical Islam but I believe that all Muslims who are sincere about their religion are the ones we refer to as radical. Peaceful Islam is a contradiction of what the Koran teaches.

I oppose radical Islam but not radical Christianity. I want to recommend that you seriously consider becoming a radical Christian.

Greg Laurie, best selling author and senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, one of the largest churches in America, has written a book about radical Christian living. The book is: LET GOD CHANGE YOUR LIFE-How To Know And Follow Jesus.  In this book Laurie calls all Christians back to radical New Testament living. He says, "The blueprint is simple: Get to know Jesus, follow His plan for discipleship, and share God's truth with others. He expands on these three key aspects of following Christ:
* How to know God-and how He will change your life
*Discipleship-the commitment, the cost, and the spiritual growth
*Making Him known-sharing the gospel and making disciples

In this splendid book Laurie writes: "What often is perceived as the Christian life is, in many ways, not what the Bible teaches. Are you really living the Christian life as Jesus meant for you to live it? If your Christian experience feels dull and unfulfilling, then it's time to seriously examine Jesus' teachings regarding discipleship.

If you want to know Jesus or want to know Him better, and you want Him to change your life - this book is for you.

(Thanks to B & B Media Group, Inc. for providing this book for review)


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