Monday, November 23, 2009

This week, the

Christian Fiction Blog Alliance

is introducing

Loss Of Carrier

BookSurge Publishing (October 27, 2009)


Russ White


Bright yellow cables against a blue shirt? Carl never would have approved of that color combination. Why was his face so white? His eyes should be closed, not open. Why hadn’t one of the security guards seen this and reported it to the police? The lights were off, the cameras were useless in the dark.

Of course, the cables wrapped around Carl’s neck explained why the server wasn’t working. Loss of carrier.

Jess Wirth lives a dreary life. He spends most of his time crammed inside a cubicle, toiling as a network engineer and stewing over the details of his ugly divorce. But when he finds his co-worker dead in the basement of their office, Jess’s life takes a surprising—and unpleasant—turn.

The police quickly declare the death a suicide, but Jess isn’t so sure. Not long after he begins digging into the victim’s work, another co-worker turns up dead, convincing him once and for all that something sinister is brewing behind the cubicle walls.

His investigation leads him to a mysterious woman name Leah, who pushes him to entrust her with the information he’s collected about his dead colleagues. Wary of Leah’s motives yet inexorably drawn to her, Jess keeps her at arm’s length...until an attempt is made on both their lives. Realizing they are close on the trail of a dangerous criminal, the pair race to expose a data theft ring before they become the killer’s next victims.

If you would like to read the first chapter of Loss Of Carrier, go HERE

MY REVIEW: My computer was "acting up" when Christian Fiction Blog Alliance published their list of books for review in November. I was not able to see the list and therefore could not choose any for review. Bonnie Calhoun at CFBA was kind enough to select Loss of Carrier for me. And I am glad she did.

Knowing this was Russ White's debut novel I approached it not knowing what to expect. I am happy to report that the book is filled with action and suspense and makes you want to keep reading. I was upstairs reading one evening when my wife called me to dinner. I hated to put the book down and I love to eat.
I did enjoy eating dinner more than reading the book but I still recommend this as a good read for those who love suspense filled novels.

The many Christians who read my reviews will be pleased to know that White portrays Christians in a positive, realistic way as they live in a real world. There is a clear positive message about waiting for sex until after marriage. I appreciated this portrayal of Christians and I know you will too.


Sandy said...

Loss of Carrier sounds like a wonderful read. I'm glad to hear that Christians are shown in a positive light. We are a small community of believers that are not always the best example of Christ's brothers but as we grow in maturity we are doing better.

SmilingSally said...

Gracious review, Clif.

Heart2Heart said...


So glad to hear that this was one of those must read, can't put down books til your finished ones!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Loren said...

You are sooo funny....I love to eat and read too :)

I did not choose this book but wish I would have now ...oh well.

Have a blessed MONDAY my friend

Mary said...

I'm already chomping at the bit to read this book! I had to laugh about putting the book down to eat dinner...made me your sense of humor:)))


Ms.Daisy said...

I really enjoyed your review of Loss of Carrier and it makes me want to run out and get it so I can read it too!


Anonymous said...

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