Thursday, September 03, 2009

In her splendid book, Let God Talk To You, Becky Tirabassi says, "When you hear Him, you will never be the same."

Recently I reviewed books about how God directs our lives. First and foremost, I believe that direction comes through the inspired Scriptures. And there was a time when I believed that was the only way it comes today. Now, after years of study and experience, I know that He communicates with us in other ways also. I absolutely do not believe in new revelation--but in guidance and loving encouragement.

Becky Tirabassi, in Let God Talk To You, has written one of the best books on the subject of God's guidance that I have read. She says, "I just know that if you really believe God wants to talk to you, that He holds in His heart all the answers to your questions, that He is always as close as your thoughts, that He loves you just the way you are, that He waits for you to wake up in the morning...you will not only hear hIm, but find Him to be your greatest source of strength and encouragement. For these reasons and many more, I wrote Let God Talk To You."

The chapter, Have a Daily Design for "God Talks," is worth the price of the book. As I mention the price of the book, the only thing that makes me sad about this book, is that I do not have free copies to give you. I am disappointed that this is not a giveaway. But I do recommend this book and encourage you to purchase a copy and begin reading.

Becky is the president of Becky Tirabassi Change Your Life, Inc., issuing a counter-culteral call to be sold out to prayer, set apart in purity, and sent out with purpose. Her bestselling books include Let Prayer Change Your Life, My Partner Prayer Notebook, and the Change Your Life Daily Bible.


Debbie said...

I'm really glad to read this Clif. Becky was our keynote speaker one year at our church's annual women's conference. She was so real and open and honest. So many young women identified with her struggles and she shared about God's grace. I hadn't heard of this book until now. Thanks, Debbie

Saleslady371 said...

It was because of Becky speaking about her prayer journal design that I was able to get back on track in prayer many years ago. She's mighty in God.

Loren said...

I have Becky's book on prayer and I have to say It is remarkable! I made one (journal) for everyone in my family but learned with different personalities some loved it while others did NOT. Anyway! I will look into this book and thankyou for the review!

blessings to you

Daveda said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

Heart2Heart said...


Just the recommendation is enough. I will be adding this to my list as well.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Robin said...

Clif, I had this one in my hand yesterday. Becky T. has always been a favorite writer, her thoughts on prayer have encouraged me over the years to listen to what God is saying.