Monday, April 18, 2011

Answers and Insights to Your Most
Important Questions
by Max Lucado 

"Max Lucado's books just come alive. His lifetime ministry of writing has blessed tens of millions of people around the world, and this book promises to do the same." I want to begin my review of this splendid book with these words from Rick Warren, Senior Pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California. Rick Warren is right that Max Lucado's lifetime ministry of writing has blessed tens of millions of people around the world. I was pleased when I saw that Max had written a book with his answers to some of life's most important questions. I believe this book will help you find the answers to some of your questions. Max deals with questions about sex, finances, illness, suicide, forgiveness, eternity and many more. The book is divided into seven sections, all beginning with the letter H. My favorite is the first section ﹣HOPE, God, Grace, and "Why am I here?" You may be more interested in the section  ﹣HOME, Diapers, Disagreements, and "Any hope for prodigals?" Or maybe ﹣HEREAFTER, Cemeteries, Heaven, Hell, and "Who goes where?" I think you will find help in all seven sections. There is so much good "stuff" in this book that I believe there are answers here for everybody.

(I am happy to have received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.)


Pamela said...

Love Lucado's writings. I saw this one Friday but settled on Joni Erickson Tada's "Place of Healing." I have more than 1/2 of it read. It's an awesome book on the subject of suffering and pain. Your review encourages me to go ahead and get Lucado's. I've never been disappointed by him yet!

Mevely317 said...

I really appreciate your providing (your own) "color commentary" to these reviews, Clif!
As I grow older, I'm a bit discomforted to admit (that) my questions are increasing. This book may be just the "whack on the side of the head" I need!