Wednesday, August 19, 2009

BOOK REVIEW -- THE GREAT RESCUE: The Story Of God's Amazing Grace by Edward William Fudge

Edward Fudge is a gifted storyteller. His excellent book, The Great Rescue tells the story of the redemptive activity of God in seeking out sinful humans and bringing them back to himself.

James E. Sweeney, Provost and Professor of Pastoral Theology, Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon said, "The Great Rescue is at once a gripping novel and a compelling theology text. It unfolds the sweeping panorama of God's redemptive work, taking the reader literally from Genesis to Revelation. The resulting picture is truly a masterpiece of grace." Clark Pinnock, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: author of Flame of Love: A Theology of the Holy Spirit wrote, "The church needs helpful teachers like Edward Fudge to issue constructive proposals setting forth the Christian faith in the round. Fudge has the gift of making God's word fresh and his book is characterized by a Christlike spirit and a generous orthodoxy."

For years I have been reading books and articles by Edward Fudge. I am constantly amazed at his knowledge and insight of God's Word. To tell the story of God's grace from Genesis to the end of the Book of Revelation in a way that keeps the average person interested is not an easy thing to do. Fudge accomplishes that in his splendid book, The Great Rescue. For forty-seven years I told God's story from the pulpit. I was always excited to do it. Now, retired from full-time work with the church, I am thrilled to be able to help Edward Fudge tell God's story by recommending his book.

Edward Fudge is a Bible teacher and practicing attorney living in Houston. His internet publication, graceEmail, regularly encourages thousands of believes across Christendom and around the world. You can visit his website: www.EdwardFudge.com


Heart2Heart said...


Sounds like another interesting book. I will have to check this one out and add it to my ongoing list.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

rcubes said...

Thanks for your helpful input always. God bless.

Loren said...

Oh my!! This sounds like a REALLY good one! I am going to check it out and show my husband! Sometimes as I read your reviews I feel the Holy Spirit say this one is for you or this one Brian would like. This time it is something Brian would like....Thanks so much :)

SmilingSally said...

This is a person with amazing ability.

Robin said...

Sounds like a great book! The song by Chris Tomlin, Amazing Grace is full of healing words for the soul. You have inspired me to get with it on the book review thing! I enjoy writing book reviews. I have one I need to finish soon. Thanks Cliff for the inspiration to get with it on writing a review! I am taking you up on the challenge to write a Sunday Devo...I asked my seniors to hold me accountable to writing a weekly devo for Tuesdays.

kymber said...

Hi Clif,
Wow! This sounds like a great one - I am definitely going to look this one up. Thank you for always sharing your awesome book suggestions with us. I really take them to heart because I love to read GOOD books.

Clif, thank you again for sending me the book by John Maxwell. I just received it and really look forward to reading it -(when I get out from under all of this schoolwork - that is!)

Thank you for your generosity - it is VERY appreciated!
Blessings to you,