Monday, April 05, 2010

ON GUARD--Defending Your Faith with Reason and Precision
By William Lane Craig 

OVERVIEW: On Guard simplifies Dr. Craig's vast work in apologetics yet is not simplistic. It provides easy to memorize arguments for God's existence and the resurrection of Jesus, along with answers to the objections that one will likely encounter in sharing these arguments with others. On Guard is a one-stop guidebook to learn how to defend your faith. Combining the four core arguments for God's existence with a case for the historicity of Jesus, this readable book also addresses difficult issues such as the problems of suffering and religious relativism.

THE AUTHOR: William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy at the Talbot School of Theology. With earned doctorates in philosophy and theology, he has established  a reputation as one of the most prominent Christian philosophers of our day. His publications, debates and internet presence have made him a highly visible champion of Christian faith.

MY REVIEW: Over the years I have read many books on defending the faith. This is one of the best! Today we are being called upon to stand against those who bash the Bible and attack Christianity from every side. There is a rising anti-evangelical bias in the media and a growing number of internet infidels. This book is not only a guidebook to learn how to defend your faith it is filled with real life experiences that illustrate the themes of our current culture. I especially liked the fact that Dr. Craig relates his own winding path to faith and tells the story of how God saved him and equipped him to become one of the world's leading Christian apologists.


ibbynina said...

I'm on it! Thanks for the recommendation. My children are my current Mission Field, and I feel urgency to give them an apologetic foundation for their faith to help them stand against the culture to which they've been assigned!

Anonymous said...

On Guard -- Please take a look at
Lets Take Back our Government!
Thank You! and Please PASS IT ON!!!

Heart2Heart said...


I have this book and absolutely love it from a Christians perspective in how to know what we are supposed to be doing as well as how to defend our actions to those that would question us.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat