Friday, August 20, 2010

by Leonard Sweet

OVERVIEW: Have you ever experienced the nudge of the Holy Spirit in your life? Are you able to recognize that God is alive and active in every moment of your life and that He is actively working in every circumstance of your particular situation? Leonard Sweet's latest book, Nudge: Awakening Each Other to The God Who's Already There, encourages all believers to live every moment of their lives in holy awareness of Jesus' activity all around them. Sweet contends that most people who claim to follow Christ are more adept at gaining attention than at paying attention, furiously beating bushes that advance their personal interests while not paying attention to the burning bushes all around them that showcase God's activities. ...Scripture study enables believers to actively recognize Jesus where He is appearing all the time--in situations, in people, in creation. Life then becomes filled with opportunities to "nudge" others to wake up to the alive and acting Jesus.

AUTHOR: Leonard Sweet is the E. Stanley Jones professor of evangelism at Drew University, a distinguished visiting professor at George Fox University, and a chief contributor to Sweet is the author of hundreds of articles and numerous books.

MY REVIEW: Without a doubt this is the best book I have read, so far, this year. When I saw the sub-title: Awakening Each Other To The God Who's Already There, I knew I would appreciate this book--and I do! Now, am I saying this is the best book you will read this year? Not necessarily. Why not? Because we are all different. You may not be attuned to this subject right now. Leonard Sweet writes like a theologian and a professor and uses words that some are not familiar with. He does stop to define all those words. But this is a book that will benefit all Christians who will read it with an open mind. I say again, "this is the best book I have read this year."

I could not sit in my "reading chair" and read this book in a relaxed manner. This is a book that I needed to sit upright at my desk because I was busy reaching for colored pens to underline thoughts on almost every page. This book is  filled with thoughts that sent me off into deeper thinking about a God who is alive and well and active in the moments of our lives. This is a book about paying attention! Buy a copy and then brace yourself  to be startled with insight about interacting with a Great God!