Monday, November 30, 2009

BOOK REVIEW: THE TREASURE PRINCIPLE--Unlocking The Secret Of Joyful Giving
By Randy Alcorn

OVERVIEW: In Randy Alcorn's The Treasure Principle, you'll unearth a radical teaching of Jesus--a secret wrapped up in giving. Once you discover this secret, life will never look the same. And you won't want it to!

John Piper, senior pastor, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis said of this book, "supercharged with stunning, divine truth! Lightning struck over and over as I read it." Howard Dayton, CEO, Crown Financial Ministries said, "The Treasure Principle will change your life! This book is destined to become a classic." And Hugh Maclellan, president, The Maclellan Foundation remarked, "The Scripture passages and illustrations really ring true. Just what I needed!"

AUTHOR: Randy Alborn is a bestselling author and is founder and director of Eternal Pespective Ministries. He has written several novels and he wrote the stewardship classic, Money, Possessions, and Eternity. He also wrote the definitive book on the afterlife, Heaven.

MY REVIEW: Money seems to be the number one thing on people's minds right now. It's not about spending money--because many people do not have any to spend. The only people spending money right now are those in charge of our government.

I wanted to review this book at this time because I'm hoping pastors will order a copy for every family unit in their congregations and begin the new year with everybody studying this important topic. I predict that if they do, it will change and bless their church and the cause of Christ in general. It is impossible to seriously study this book and not be changed.

My wife and I were applying these principles to our lives before we read Randy's marvelous book. Our lives have been blessed beyond belief. Randy's book would have reinforced this principle and strengthened our faith. We didn't have these materials--but you do. Please don't miss this opportunity for spiritual growth and blessing. I wish that every Christian could read the chapter: 31 Radical, Liberating Questions To Ask God About Giving. It is powerful!

Eternal Perspective Ministries is offering this book and a packet of materials to pastors free of charge. I urge you to get this material and begin a study with your congregation. Individuals may purchase the book at retail for $9.99 or it is available from Eternal Perspective Ministries for $7.99. My only interest is to see you and your family blessed by God when you follow His directions. I know you will be!


SmilingSally said...

This is one of your highest praises, Clif; you must really like this one.

Cherdecor said...

I listen to Crown financial ministries every day. They talk alot about giving. Today they said that tithing can keep us from being a giver. I had never thought about that before, but I understand now.

We is it that we give a waitress 20% but give God 10%? =)

Sandy said...

This is a good resource. Thanks for the heads up on the Pastor's packet.