Thursday, May 14, 2009


In Face of Betrayal, Lis Wiehl's expertise in law, politics, and criminal investigation merges with April Henry's narrative genius to create a gripping mystery filled with rich characters, real danger, and a shocking yet satisfying final twist. While home on Christmas break, a seventeen-year old Senate page takes her dog out for a walk and never returns. Three unique women who are life-long friends race against time in an effort to find the girl alive. Though authorities think she might have been kidnapped or run away, those theories shatter when they discover she was having a relationship with an older man. Possibly a U.S. Senator.

Face of Betrayal is receiving much praise. Bill O'Reilly, Fox TV and radio anchor said, "This novel is a blast to read!" Another Fox anchor, Sean Hannity, said, "Feels fresher than today's headline story. One of the best suspense novels of 2009." Former DA, Jeanine Pirro remarked, "Three smart women crack the big case! Makes perfect sense to me. This book blew me away!"

I don't read many mystery novels but I found this one hard to put down. It is an incredible read and I recommend it. I wish Liz Wiehl had written it sooner. I would have taken it with me on that long flight to Hawaii last year. It would have made a tiring, boring, flight a pleasant adventure.


Smilingsal said...

I think I'd like this one.

Lisa said...

I'll have to tell my sister Judi about this one. She's a huge mystery book reader!

nannykim said...

Sounds good--is it fairyly clean?--how would it compare to an Agaitha Christie or Mary Higgens Clarke book.--ie how is the language etc

Ms.Daisy said...

Hi Clif,
I'm not a mystery novel fan, but this sounds like it would be a good one to take on a long, boring flight!


Mevely317 said...

It's really nice to read these recommendations...
... (in that), I get stuck in a rut, only reading certain authors. Now I'm inclined to put this on my "please reserve" list at the Litchfield library.
(Thank God for the public library system, or my VISA would surely have suffered a stroke by now over at Barnes/Noble!)

bp said...

I enjoyed your review!
Have a good weekend.