Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ten Decisions That Will Transform Your Life
Ten Lies That Can Prevent You From Making Them
By Stephen Arterburn

MY REVIEW: I'm not a psychologist but I strongly believe that reading this book can transform your life  if it needs to be transformed. The pain in his own life is what led Stephen Arterburn to write this book. The book has produced study groups around the world. Many have been "healed" and found hope for a future they had lost hope for.

Arterburn tells the story from the fifth chapter of the book of John about Jesus healing a man who had been sick for thirty-eight years. We think the strange part of the story is that before Jesus healed the man he asked him if he wanted to get well. The man had a choice to be healed or not. He may have wanted to remain unhealed so he could just lie around, or he may have grown accustomed to begging and knew begging was easier if he had a health problem. He may have used his illness to disconnect from the world and the other pressures of life. There are many reasons that he may not have wanted to be healed. So this is not a bizarre question. 

Healing is a choice. If you are struggling or know someone who is--get this book and read it. Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life, said: "Steve Arterburn has written a classic on personal healing. If you make these choices your life will be transformed." I agree.  Like many books I read, this one has some things I disagree with but nothing that takes away from the books value. I recommend it to all those that want to be healed.

OVERVIEW:  This book was originally published in 2005, and there have been many changes, developments, and new insights since its publication. Arterburn is a strong advocate for marriage even after suffering a divorce. He is convinced that when there are marital problems and even betrayal, the first response needs to be steps toward reconciliation and saving the marriage.

The book deals with far more that marital problems and divorce. It's about the deep hurts of life and how to heal them. It's about God's presence, unconditional love, and provision in your life. It helps you to know that no matter what you have lost or been through, you can be healed.

AUTHOR: Stephen Arterburn is the host of New Life Live!, a radio and television program distributed across the country. He is a best-selling author with more than eight million books in print. He is also the founder of Women of Faith, a conference attended by more than four million women since its inception. Steve also serves as the teaching pastor of Heartland Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. If you have a question or a comment for Steve, you can contact him at

(I am thankful to Thomas Nelson Publishing Company for providing this book for review.)


Mylifeisinhim said...

Best book on God and the New Covenant- God Without Religion by Andrew Farley. It has transformed my life!!!!