Friday, August 03, 2012


LUISA WEISS, Creator of THE WEDNESDAY CHEF, an award winning food blog is a splendid writer.

  When My Berlin Kitchen--A Love Story (With Recipes) was offered as a free book with no obligation for review, at first I wasn't interested. I like love stories as much as most men. No, I like love stories more than most men. But the fact that it was a love story with recipes seemed strange to me. But it also made me curious. So, I said to myself, "What the heck. You read everything else. Why not this." So I did!

I like this book a lot. I really like it! Luisa writes the way I would like to write. I became interested in her, her love affair with New York City, Berlin and life in general.

What about her recipes? Well, I find most of them "strange" and different from what I am use to. But in a funny kind of way, I found them interesting. 

What I like most about the book is her writing style, her love story and her descriptions of New York City, Berlin and the people who live in those places.

I did check out her blog and I can't wait to make (or Charlotte to make) a recipe I found there---Banana, Coconut Bread.

Luisa Weiss was born in West Berlin and spent her childhood between Berlin and Boston. She started The Wednesday Chef, an award winning food blog, in 2005, when she decided to cook her way through the stash of recipes she had been collecting over the years. She has worked as a cookbook editor in Paris and New York and now lives in Berlin with her husband, Max.

Again, this is not a book I had to review but one I wanted to share with you. I think you will like it.


Barbara said...

Wow Thank you cliff I will def pick this book up.