Wednesday, May 08, 2013

My mother passed away when I was elven years old and I went to live with my sister and her husband.

Two of my brothers and their wives would drive a hundred miles every few week-end to visit with me.

When my brother-in-law saw them coming he would call out to my sister, "The damn Ditmores are here."

That always infuriated me!

But I guess the truth is that most of us think our relatives are a pretty motley crew.

Consider these thoughts from Leonard Sweet:

When we peel back the genealogy of our Lord from both Mary and Joseph's sides, we come to a startling revelation. God the Father chose some of the worst examples in human history to be blood kin to the Son of God Himself. Consider the Lord's kinfolk:

* Judah--a Jew who had sex with his daughter-in-law, thinking she was a prostitute
* Tamar--a Gentile who bore two sons out of incest
* Rahab--a Canaanite prostitute
*Ruth--A Moabite (the Moabites' lineage began with incest between Lot and one of his daughters
*David--a king who committed adultery and murder
*Bathsheba--a woman who committed adultery

Can you imagine a more embarrassing lineage? It's certainly no lineage suited for a king. Yet these were the ancestors of the spotless, holy Son of God. ...This was no accident. It was the sovereign choice of a sovereign God, who chose each of these people to be the blood kin to our Lord.

This poses good news for every child of God

(The thoughts of Leonard Sweet were taken from JESUS--A Theography by Leonard Sweet and Frank Viola)


Anonymous said...

Yes, always amazes me and comforts me somehow too!