Monday, December 19, 2016

How The World's Largest Religion Is 
Seeking A Better Way To Be Christian
By Brian D. McLaren

OVERVIEW: Drawing from his work as a global activist, pastor, and public theologian, McLaren challenges readers to stop worrying, waiting, and indulging in nostalgia, and instead, to embrace the powerful new understandings that are reshaping the faith. In The Great Spiritual Migration, he explores three profound shifts that define the change: Spiritually, theologically and missionally.

AUTHOR: Brian McLaren is a Christian thinker, author, and activist. A former pastor with a background in literature, McLaren is the author of more than a dozen books, an Auburn Senior Fellow, and a board chair of Convergence.

MY REVIEW: Brian McLaren is a brilliant writer. He has written more than a dozen books and I have a few of them. I read them because I want to know what he and those who think like him, believe. I have found that I disagree with much of what he thinks and writes about. And yet he says a lot of good stuff that isn't being said by anybody else. However, it isn't my job as a reviewer to write about my theology and how it differs with his.

I want to tell you what a few others think of this book, McLaren and his writing. Author, Diana Butler Bass said, "This is Brian McLaren's finest book; a beautiful exploration of a hopeful, joyful, mystical, and just faith that invites Christians to move from fear to love." Author, Richard Rohr wrote, "Anything written by Brian McLaren is always filled with insight, courage, and creative theology, refining the meaning of orthodoxy in our time." And author, Peter Enns said, "McLaren continues to have his finger on the pulse of a new kind of Christianity that challenges familiar and limiting structures of faith. A prophetic and winsome invitation for all to join the work of the Spirit in spiritual, theological, and missional transformation."

Now, what I think is that this is a book for you if you are a curious intellectual that wants to keep up with all the changes that are taking place in the religious world. This book will challenge you. Parts of it will upset you and make you angry. I liked some of it but I disagreed with much of it. McLaren thinks he has his finger on the pulse of a new kind of Christianity. If you think he does or want to investigate that kind of thinking—this is the book for you.

(I received this book from Blogging For Books in exchange for a fair and honest review.)


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