Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It All Back Again
David Green with Bill High

OVERVIEW: David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby, says true wealth is based on faith, strong family, and generous living. This is his story and more. It is his best advice in print. In it he shares principles that have guided him in growing a business from scratch, weathering a Supreme Court case, raising a loving family, and leaving them a lasting legacy.The decisions you make today build the legacy you'll leave behind. Now is the time to begin.

AUTHORS: David Green is the founder of Hobby Lobby and an in-demand speaker at business and leadership events. he serves on the Board of Reference for Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and is a recipient of the World Changer and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards. He and his wife, Barbara, are the proud parents of two sons and one daughter, grandparents to ten, and great-grandparents to eleven. Bill High practiced law for twelve years before becoming the CEO of the National Christian Foundation Heartland. His mission is to change the way people think about generosity and their practice of it. He is married to Brooke, and they have four children, two sons-in-law, and two grandchildren. He can be found at

MY REVIEW: "In this book—part memoir, part personal manifesto—David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby, shares lessons that can help you reap benefits for multiple generations. Dr. David Jeremiah, founder and president, Turning Point Ministries wrote, "Because of his faith and generosity, David Green has changed the world. His love and friendship have changed our ministry. His story will change your walk with God." Bestselling author and nationally syndicated radio show host said, "If you want to be smart, you find out what smart people do and imitate that. and I've known David Green long enough to understand that he is worth imitating. His business wisdom is surpassed only by his integrity and faith. This book reflects David at his very best.

I love the title and sub-title of this book: Giving It All Away...And Getting It All Back Again---The Way of Living Generously. What a challenge! This splendid book has five parts and an epilogue. Part 1: A Radical Way Of Living, Part 2: It's All God's, Part 3: Giving It All Away, Part 4: The Legacy Of Work And Family, Part 5: The Eternal Legacy That Is Right Now.

This is a small book. It is well written and easy to read. You will find it hard to put down. This is the kind of book you will enjoy giving to others. It can make a difference in their lives. 

(I received this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for a fair and honest review.)