Wednesday, December 03, 2008

One Messiah is enough!

Jesus can walk on water. He can perform miracles. We don’t have to.

Mike Cope, Minister in Abilene, Texas and professor at Abilene Christian University wrote an interesting post based on Matthew 14:22-23.

He points out that Jesus did not walk on water to teach his disciples that they needed to do this but he did it for them to recognize who he is and to respond to him.

Again, one Messiah is enough. He can walk on water and he is coming to us.

I still like John Ortberg’s book, If You Want To Walk On Water You’ve Got To Get Out Of The Boat. It’s about faith, courage and risk-taking. But let’s not get to thinking we have to be miracle workers. We just need to recognize who the real Messiah and miracle worker is and respond to him.


bp said...

Good point!

I like the title of that book. It's hard to get out of the boat sometimes.

I signed up with Thomas Nelson and requested my first book. Thanks for sharing the info about it!

Ms.Daisy said...

Thanks for such an uplifting post, Clif, I needed to see this today.