Monday, March 09, 2009

Once there was a man who owned a hot dog stand that he ran by the side of the road. For years he treated his customers right, sold good quality hot dogs to lots of people who stopped by to purchase from him.

He even made enough money to send his son to college. He wanted his son to be an educated man and successful in the world. So his son went away to college and several years later he returned with his diploma in hand. The man was very pleased to have an educated son who could help him in his business.

The next day his son heard him placing his order for hot dogs and commented that he was surprised that he would order so many hot dogs, “Hadn’t he heard that there is a recession going on?” The man thought about this and concluded that his son had a college education and must know what he was talking about so he cut back his order for hot dogs.

People continued to stop at the hot dog stand, but by rush hour the man had run out of hot dogs. He had to turn customers away. After a few times of stopping by and finding the man out of hot dogs his regular customers stopped coming by. As this continued for a while and less and less people stopped to buy hot dogs, the man’s income dropped to the point that he could not pay his bills and he went out of business.

From all this the man concluded that his son had to have been right, there is a recession going on!

It is my strong opinion that we are helping to create the economic mess we are in with the sorry attitude we have.


Smilingsal said...

That's why I go shopping! lol

Barbara said...

I agree, that is why I go shopping! I think I have always done it! Plus as long as the bills are paid why not. Tomorrow may never happend.

Cherdecor said...

I have been shopping all afternoon.

No, I didn't get an email.

Barbara said...

Hello cliff, I have not gotton your email. My email address is