Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's now two days later and most Americans are still thinking about the "big meal."

Memories are made at meals like that. Most of us can look back over years of memories made around the Thanksgiving Day table.

Meal time is memory making time and it isn't just big "special day" meals. It's every meal shared with one or more friends and loved ones. Traditions usually center around Thanksgiving, Christmas and other special days. But memories are also made from other meals because they all are special.

As  struggling college students paying our own way, as often as possible a few of us would "pool our nickels and dimes," drive to a favorite Mexican restaurant and "feast" on refried beans and flour tortillas. Memories.

Every Sunday around the Lord's Table with brothers and sisters in Christ is special. Eating the Lord's Supper with hundreds of Christians just outside the garden tomb in Jerusalem made for lasting memories.

The Scriptures are filled with references to meals that produced memories.

Make the most of meals.

Events of the past provide resources for reflection and current decision making.

The turkey and dressing with friends and loved ones was great and is not to be forgotten. But when you eat that burger and fries with a dear friend you are also making memories that will last a life time. Treasure them.

Meals and memories are important. At least God thinks so!


Mevely317 said...

Oh, this makes me smile! ... Particularly, your reference to burgers and fries with a dear friend.
Looking back, some of my fondest memories don't involve fancy venues (or my sad excuse for cooking!) ...rather the sharing and Caring for one another's company.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh this is so true, Clif!!! I hope that you and Charlotte had a Happy Thanksgiving!!
:-) Cindy

Saleslady371 said...

This makes me think of a family we invited over after church one Sunday when the kids were little. I threw together some tortillas baked with cheese and the other couple acted like I served them steak while our children played together. These are the times God truly intervenes. He has to with me; I am not spontaneous.

Karen said...

Good post. I remember when the kids were young and our Sunday School class had pitch-in dinners in tiny apartments with wall to wall people. Great memories and friends.

sarah said...

very true...hope your thanksgiving was a great one.

Crystal Mary said...

Memories are wonderful and I am sure many give thanks for Thanksgiving and the caring and sharing long after its gone.
And you are so right, its not mearly the meal but the good will shared. Bless you. CML

Loren said...

Love this post Clif! Soo very true! Such wonderful memories are made around the dinner table no matter what the occasion or the menu ~ from sandwiches to steaks, from family to friends ...such a blessing!!

Bless you Clif! Pray your was a very special and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

Amen!I will have to have my husband read this post:)

Ruth said...

i agree...this is beautiful. thank you!!


Donnie said...

That was lovely. Have a blessed day.

NanE said...

Wonderful Post today. My post on Saturday was about a wonderful family tradition that involves food and all the memories this one dish brings back. Thank you for sharing today, Blessings, Nan

Sue said...

OH! how true Cliff, one of my favorite things is to linger around the table after a meal, as we did this past week at my mothers.
As always you have shared inspiring thoughts.
Blessings, Sue

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK said...

AMEN! Many of our favorite family memories are centered around meals! :)

dunlizzie said...

This is fantastic... and true. I can think of so many stories that surround food and yet the stories remind us of different people, places, circumstances and the way God moves in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving (a few days late) to you! God bless :)