Friday, November 05, 2010

Off and on over the years while living in Northern California I had to contend with problems with our automatic watering system. You know the kind of thing. Somebody stumbles over a bubbler and breaks it, pvc pipe springs a leak. Many times it's a "quick fix" but other times it's a mess---muddy water, mud, sore back.

We also need an automatic watering system here in the sunny, rainless, desert. 

For over twenty years I have sat around reading, watching television and not crawling around on the ground "playing" in mud. I have been a happy old man.

While I was sitting around doing little or nothing, my little olive tree grew bigger and bigger and spread out big roots. The pvc pipe that used to run by a little tree is now buried under a huge tree.

And yes it did spring a leak. And no I cannot get to it to repair it. And I do hate laying on the ground and crawling around on rocks.

Call a professional? Not yet!

I'm cutting that pipe and capping it off!

You remind me there will not be any water running through that line. True!

Who cares. We live in the desert. Let those two or three plants tough it out like the rest of us.

If their Master can get away from reading and watching television he may take mercy on them and "shoot" them a few drops of water by hand. Hey, he's been going to the gym. He's capable of a few physical acts. Not many. But a few!


Mike said...

So, working out at the gym...that is a good thing.
The central valley in CA doesn't have the water it needs either...CA' master (the liberal, left wing nuts in charge) care more about a little fish then they do the people.
the unemployment rate in the valley is over 20%, but not to worry, President Obama and Governor Moon Beam will fix the problem.

Loren said...

Oh Clif you just make my heart smile and bless me so! I just want you to know I read this out loud to my husband and of course I used animated voices to go with it!

Have a blessed weekend my dear friend!

Kaye Swain - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

LOL - Sounds like my favorite type of "fix it" solution. It's amazing how many things do just fine with purposefull ignoring. :)

I really enjoyed the Spiritual Sunday post as well! Something God keeps reminding me over and over, coz I need it. Thank you :)

Have a blessed week.

Dena E's Blog said...

Oh my gosh,,your note was wonderful and I thank you .. And now that I have found where you and Char were Ministering,,, WOW,, you're were in my home town!!! How cool is that!!! Thanks for the note,, you have a Gorgeous wife by the way!!!
Blessings Dena