Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My little IPod is perfect for exercising at the health club.

It is loaded with music.

Looking around today while exercising I thought to myself, "I bet nobody here has the selection of music that I have.

While grunting and groaning I'm listening to Elvis,Celine Dion, Placido Domingo,Andre Rieu, Neil Diamond, Josh Groban, Lynda Rydell, Susan Boyle, Christmas music and much more. When the music gets going I get going!

The one thing that has me puzzled is this: There are women all over that gym. And yet in all these weeks of pumping iron, not one young woman---or old woman either for that matter has tried to hit on me.


Mevely317 said...

How funny you are, Clif!

Only this morning aboard my treadmill, I was chuckling over the unlikely hodge-podge coming through my earphones; what people would think (eg, warm-up to Willie Nelson and Seekers (Georgy Girl) ...finally building to a Fleetwood Mac crescendo.

Your playlist has given me ideas ....have a great evening!

PS - Happy "night before"! :)

Crystal Mary said...

Hello Clif, I am probably not suppose to laugh but when you wrote, no woman at the gym has tried to hit on you, I imagined one walking up with her drink bottle and hitting you on the head with it....
Oh how our imagination takes over!
My hubby floats on cloud nine when another woman, "hits on him." Even to the point of putting me down in front of her..Last anniversary we went shopping and because I limp and am slow he went into the shops while I remained in the car. I was thrilled when he returned with a bunch of flowers, and glowed! Then my bubble burst as the yonger woman in the car next to us told him he spoiled me.
"I have to." he told her,
"otherwise I'll never hear the end of it."
I was he stood and chatted her up. When he finally got into the car I said,"Honey, that's not true."
"I know," he said,"I was only joking." ???
God Bless you and Charlotte. CML