Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The following is a prayer by William Barclay

For those who are an example to us, and those who in their lives show us what life ought to be;

For those who are an inspiration to us, and who fill us with the desire to make of life a noble thing;

For those who are a comfort to us when life has hurt us;

For those who are a strength to us, and in whose company we feel fit to tackle any task;

For those who, although we do not know them personally, have by their words or by their writings 
   influenced us for good;

For those whose love and care and service and understanding we so often take for granted;

For those who give us loyal friendship and for those who give us true love:
             We this night thank you, O God.

And most of all we thank you for Jesus to be the pattern of our lives, the Companion of our way, and the Saviour of our souls.


Debbie said...

You are a voice in our blogosphere of encouragement. I love that Charlotte wrote a post linking to you. You two fit together so well. :) I hope that you had a wonderful birthday yesterday. You're not getting older; only better.


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Clif! Praying you enjoy a wonderful celebration with your loved ones and may the coming year be filled with many blessings.