Friday, May 13, 2011

Interval training is the way to "Bring It."

My Spin Class at the gym is fantastic.

The loud, intense music, the upbeat, never ending voice of the extravert leader is grating on the nerves of an introvert like me---but I love it. It keeps me grinding away on that cycle and that is what I need.

Maybe the unending voice of the athletic extravert leader reminds me of being back in the ministry and hearing the voices from the pews goading me on. The same voices that cause me to wake up screaming at night even though I am now retired.

Interval training is the guaranteed way to get maximum results from your exercise.

Interval training speeds up your metabolism even when you aren't exercising. It is the best conditioning possible for the heart. It will help you break through a plateau in your weight-loss program. Interval training is challenging and fun.

I'm really enjoying this exhausting class right now but if you don't see a post or hear from me for a few days maybe you better check back to see if I'm still around.