Tuesday, November 01, 2011

As a boy growing up in Oklahoma I didn't know anything about security doors or screens. Today, we have security screens on three doors of our home.

The Oklahoma summers were hot and we left the front and back doors open to cause a draft through the house. The windows were also up or open. At night we always checked to see if the screens were "latched". Although I don't know why. If anybody wanted in all they had to do was pull real hard and the screen would come unlatched.

I never felt afraid! Dumb Okie? Maybe. But I was happy and at peace with myself and others.

At Halloween I went all over town with one or two other boys. No adults. We wouldn't have even considered it.

Last night here in Scottsdale. A few children were out. Their parents were only a few feet away. And for good reason.

Did I grow up in the "good old days"? I think so. There were a lot of things in those days that were not so good and many "good" things have come into being over the years. But generally speaking, if I had to make a choice I would go back to the days gone by.

Yes, I would miss the "good" things that have come to pass and the "progress" that has been made. Like this computer I am using right now.

But mercy me, I would love to pillow my head at night knowing that generally speaking all is well in Scottsdale and all points beyond. That women and little children are not being molested. And that all that "crappy stuff" I value so highly will still be there in the morning.


Loren said...

My husband and I have talked about this a lot lately! The hours we played outside....flash light tag or riding bikes for me....playing by the creek getting crawdads and running all over our town for him and YES, He has been here THAT LONG :) LOL Truly, these were the good ol' days. I wouldn't dream of letting our kids run around town or even just to the next neighborhood. Breaks my heart.

Like you, we are all thankful for our gadgets but NOTHING compares to those days...not a thing!

Cheptoek said...

I hear you Clif! Same sentiments in the part of the world that I am in.