Thursday, October 31, 2013

When The Odds Are Against You,
God Is For You
By Matt Keller

OVERVIEW: God of the Underdogs taps into a recognizable metaphor to show how the Creator of the universe wants to use you to accomplish great things for him. By weaving his own underdog story with the stories of some of the Bible's greatest underdog heroes. Matt Keller demonstrates that men and women like Moses, Esther, King David, the apostle Paul, and even Jesus shared the "But I can't..." sentiment. They considered themselves ordinary―but God saw them as extraordinary!

AUTHOR: Matt Keller, founding pastor of Next Level Church in Ft. Myers, Fl. is known for his passionate and humorous communication style. Matt travels and speaks frequently, inspiring and teaching both inside and outside of the church. Matt writes regularly on his website.

MY REVIEW: Most of us love an underdog. Matt Keller tells us in this book that God also loves the underdog. Matt won't let you live in self-pity. He makes you get rid of excuses and embrace the fact that it is through your weakness that God makes you strong. This book is a fresh approach to how life should be lived. It is written in an interesting and encouraging way. You will see Bible characters like Moses, David, the apostle Paul and others in a new and interesting way.

Mark Batterson, New York Times best-selling author wrote, "You will love this book. Matt's unique way of storytelling will engage you from page one and leave you inspired to live up to your full potential." You may not love this book, but I am confident that you will like it. You will especially like it if you have ever felt like an underdog.

(I received this book free from BookSneeze, a division of Thomas Nelson Publishers for an honest review.)