Friday, February 03, 2012

Signs From America's Past That Signal Our Nation's Future
By Dr. Richard G. Lee

OVERVIEW: In The coming Revolution Dr. Richard G. Lee powerfully explains that a new revolution is coming. It may be in the streets of our nation's capitol―as we saw in Europe last year―or, better yet, in voting booths across America. Signs from our nation's past and present ring out the truth: a second American revolution is near at hand.

Using this country's rich heritage of liberty and democracy as a roadmap toward where we could be headed, Dr. Lee brings thoughtful clarity to the ever-growing probability of such a revolution in America; illuminating the important reminder that the voices of every revolution have been―and always will be―the ordinary every man.

AUTHOR: Dr. Richard G. Lee is the founding pastor of First Redeemer Church in metropolitan Atlanta. he is also the speaker for the award-winning There's Hope America television series and is widely recognized as a popular spokesman on the influence of America' religious history and its impact upon today's culture. Dr. Lee is a frequent speaker at national conventions and on university campuses and media outlets across the country.

MY REVIEW: Mike Huckabee calls this book "A moving call for the resurrection of the great American Spirit." Lt. Colonel Oliver L. North says it is "A powerful reminder about why America is great and worth fighting for." I agree with what both of these men said and also with Michael Reagan who said, "Within this book Dr. Richard Lee clearly reveals how the intolerable conditions being forced upon the American people by Washington's current  administration will lead to a certain and powerful explosion of predictable consequences."

I believe every American needs to read this book to discover how they can be a part of this country's social, political, and moral reform. This book makes it clear that faith in God will provide the guidance needed by patriotic Americans for shaping the future of this country.

(I want to thank Thomas Nelson Publishing Company for providing this book for review.)