Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scene: The injection room at the medical facility.

Cast: Nurse and you.

Action: The Nurse. She's coming up behind you with an injection needle in her hand.
             You. You're praying that she is having a good day.

My doctor ordered three injections for me to be given once a month.

The first one was given by a short little robust woman that talked like she might be from the South.
She was kind beyond words. I didn't even know when she gave me the injection. I had to ask her if she was through. She said, "I have the touch." She does!

The second injection was given to me by a very attractive, dignified looking, older woman. When she rubbed my back side with alcohol she said, "A little cold." And then her next words were, "Big poke!" I didn't have to ask if she had given me the injection. She had!

The third time I had a nurse who had only been at this facility for three weeks. She asked me every question she could think of---and then some. She pinched up a little fat on my backside as if to isolate it from the rest of my body. Did she inject it? She did!

I don't have to tell you which one of these nurses I prefer.

I'm just old and curious. Why is it that I have never had a nurse who looked like some of the young,beautiful nurses I see in the movies? The kind of woman you would gladly say to, "I don't like injections but some how you make it seem like fun."

Dreaming? Yes, I'm sure I am. I'll just keep praying that whoever it is, that she is having a good day and that the men in her life are treating her like a queen. 


Mevely317 said...

This is so relate-able and funny, Clif!
Our DIL is a critical-care nurse and yes, her hubby treats her like the hard-working queen she is.

Shanda said...

haha...dream away. I never get the Doctors from Grays Anatomy either.