Thursday, December 20, 2012

By Bob Hostetler

OVERVIEW:  From the back of the book: People around the globe are talking about the end of the world as we know it. Movies and other media portray it as a dark and dismal catastrophe. And some believe it will happen soon. How to Survive the End of the World explores an ancient apocalyptic vision in a fresh and invigorating way. Instead of arcane theories and timelines, it approaches this two-thousand-year-old revelation of "the end times" the way it was meant to be seen and received―as a survivor's guide: an encouraging and equipping message that will prepare readers for the end...whenever it comes. Unlike most approaches to what many consider a confusing and frightening time, this book will bless you, inform you, and make your daily life better, fuller and richer.

AUTHOR: Bob Hostetler is a writer, editor, pastor, and speaker from southwestern Ohio. He has written numerous books, two of those books have sold over 3 million copies. He has won two Gold Medallion Awards, four Ohio Associated Pres awards, and an Amy Foundation Award. He is a co-founder of Cobblestone Community Church in Oxford, Ohio.

MY REVIEW: You will find it hard to believe that I am recommending this book as a Christmas gift. And I didn't think I would feel that way about it either when I saw the title and before I read it. I wanted to read it because I have been interested in the Book of Revelation for many years. I have taught it in Sunday School classes and preached series of sermons on it. I have been interested in the theories about the book and the four basic views about how The Revelation should be interpreted. 

This book is very different from the many I have read about The Revelation. Eugene Peterson, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology at Regent College is quoted on the front cover of the book saying, "A book of great hope and joy and blessing." Sounds a little like Christmas, doesn't it? And there's this quote from the back of the book, "...this book will bless you, inform you, and make your daily life better, fuller and richer."Give me a gift that will do that and I be forever thankful.

Yes, I like this book. This is one study of the Book of Revelation that you don't have to be a great theologian to understand and appreciate.

(I received this book from Leafwood Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review.)


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