Monday, January 07, 2013

How God's Goodness Frees Us from Everything that Plagues

By John Eldredge

OVERVIEW: Here is a book that explores the beauty of the genuine goodness available to us in Jesus Christ, and guides the reader through the process whereby God makes us whole and holy by his love. Readers will be relieved. Utterly.

AUTHOR: John Eldredge has written 12 books. He is the Director of Ransomed Heart, a ministry devoted to helping people discover the heart of God. It has become a grass-roots phenomenon with millions of followers. For more on this movement visit their website:

MY REVIEW: If not all, most of us are seeking relief from what plagues us. John Eldredge believes that in this book he shows us the process whereby God makes us whole and holy by his love. Does he accomplish this? I believe he does! He shows us how we can be free through the healing work of Christ in our lives. He shows us where this begins and what it means.

I was personally convicted by what Eldredge wrote in Chapter Three, Set Free To Live. In Chapter Two he had written about the goodness of Jesus and genuine goodness. I loved that chapter and realized how strongly I believed what I was reading. And then comes Chapter Three and I identify with the man in his first story. A man who is resentful of all the stupid people he meets throughout his day. Being resentful of stupidity is not a good thing. I don't want to feel resentful. I want to feel good. Eldredge points out that the way to feel good is to let Jesus invade your life.

"The hope of Christianity is that we get to live the life of Jesus. His beautiful goodness can be ours. Jesus can heal what has gone wrong inside each and every one of us. He does this by giving us his goodness; he imparts it to us."

We all need the holiness of Jesus. This book will help us be more like Him.

(I received this book from Faith Words, Hachette Book Group in exchange for a fair and honest review.)