GREEN BEANS & ICE CREAM―The Remarkable Power Of Positive Reinforcement

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Remarkable Power Of Positive Reinforcement
By Bill Sims Jr.

OVERVIEW: Green Beans & Ice Cream is the culmination of nearly thirty years work in the area of positive reinforcement and employee motivation/behavior change at large and small North American firms. This book will teach you how to pinpoint the behaviors you want from others and positively reinforce them immediately when you see them. That means deciding what you want people to do. Then focusing on the behaviors that drive the results you need.  Green Beans & Ice Cream will help you find specific things to reinforce positively every day in the actions of people whom you live and work.

AUTHOR: Bill Sims, Jr., is president of The Bill Sims Company, Inc. For nearly 30 years, Bill has created behavior-based recognition programs that have helped large and small firms to deliver positive reinforcement to inspire better performance from employees and increase bottom line profits. Bill has delivered his "Green Beans & Ice Cream" leadership workshop and keynote speeches in Europe, the Middle East, most of the USA, Australia and many parts of Africa.

MY REVIEW: Joe Rea who is Operations Manager at Pacific Aluminum in Gladstone, Australia said, "This is a must read if you're serious about achieving sustainable behavior change with your team." And I agree.

"Human behavior has been a subject of discussion since man emerged from the dust." Understanding behavior presents a big challenge. But the rewards are tremendous if we can just do it. I spent fifty years working in full-time ministry with the church. I was trying to change behavior. Many people assume that culture is what it is, and can never be changed. At best, they will say that culture change requires a long time. Bill Sims, Jr. believes culture can be changed and that it doesn't take a long time. He give many examples to prove his point. He says that all we have to do to change culture is to change behavior. And that is what this book is about―changing behavior. If you are a parent, husband, wife, teacher, boss, supervisor, professor, cop, or anything else in life, what you often want from the people around you is behavior change. Read this book. It will help!

(I received this book for free from The Cadence Group for this review.)


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