Monday, January 27, 2014

The Day I Got My First Ice Cream Cone 
It was a hot day that Saturday noon in that little Oklahoma town back in 1939.
A crowd had gathered at the center of town and children would be called out of the crowd according to age.
I was five. My group was called for. Mother turned loose of my hand and sent me to the circle.
A man stood in the middle of the circle with a bag of money. He threw the coins into the air.
The point of it all? Grab all the money you can!
I got a dime. Well, I can't honestly remember how much I grabbed but I know I got at least that much.
Just outside the human circle on the corner was a drug store.
My mother took my hand and we went immediately to the store and to the soda fountain.
I was five. I'm now 79. But I still remember.
Strawberry. The ice cream cone was strawberry.
Why do I remember this silly little story?
You wouldn't ask that question if you knew how much I like ice cream.
Strawberry ice cream!


Mevely317 said...

This made me smile, Clif .... sweet share.
I think my mind's eye actually caught a brief glimpse of a 5-year-old you hanging onto that pink delight!

Mark said...

Now I want to know what a cone form the 30's looks like. Was it flat on the bottom like this (

Down on the Farm said...

OK, here I go again. Lost the last comment.

I believe when I was about the same age as you I might have received my first ice cream cone. My grandpa took my brother and I down to the drug store, parked in front and ask us what kind of ice cream we wanted. Gave us a choice of vanilla or chocolate. Bro chose vanilla, I said chocolate. Grandpa came back with the cones, gave bro his first and then came mine. I looked at my cone and then his and said, "Mine is dirty" and threw it out the window of the car. Being the first grand child and a bit spoiled, I am sure I ended up getting a 'clean' one.