Wednesday, March 12, 2014

By Philip Yancy

OVERVIEW: In his classic book Where Is God When it Hurts?, Philip Yancey gave us permission to doubt, reasons not to abandon faith, and practical ways to reach out to hurting people. And now, thirty-five years after writing his first book, Yancey revisits our cry of "Why, God?" in three places stunned into silence by the calamities that have devastated them. At some point all of us will face the challenges to faith Yancey writes about and look for the comfort and hope he describes. There are reasons to ask, once again, the question that never goes away: Where is God when we suffer? And Yancey, once again, leads us to find faith when it is most severely put to the test. (From the back of the book.)

AUTHOR: Philip Yancey serves as editor-at-large for Christianity Today magazine. He has written thirteen Gold Medallion Award-winning books and won two ECPA Book of the Year awards for What's So Amazing About Grace? and The Jesus I Never Knew. Four of his books have sold over one million copies.

MY REVIEW: He has done it again! Philip Yancy has written an outstanding book on one of life's most difficult problems--human suffering. I continue to be amazed by his excellent writing. But I don't know why I am. He never disappoints.

This is a small but powerful book. It provides real and practical help for those in desperate need. We often want to know where God is and why terrible things are happening to us and others. Yancy explores suffering in places all over the world. He recounts his own personal experiences of suffering and tells the stories of suffering people all over the world. By doing this he will help you to respond to your own suffering in a way you never thought possible. You will move closer to God by reading this good book. I predict that before you finish reading the book you will think of someone you just have to share it with.

(I received this book from Thomas Nelson Publishers in exchange for a fair and honest review.)