Wednesday, January 31, 2007

For those of you who never visit Arizona and only hear about our state, I’m sure it’s hard to imagine a rainy, winter day. But winter does come to the desert and it does rain—a little. That’s what we have today—a little rain and a little winter.

It rained during the night and it has been raining this morning. The rain has stopped for the moment but it still is threatening. That may be all it does for the rest of the day—threaten, but we will take it.

So, today is a day for stew! Charlotte makes a delicious stew and we like to eat it on a rainy, winter day. It would be good on a hot, summer day but we usually don’t eat it then. We like it on a rainy, winter day.

I’m going to “curl up” with a good book in a few minutes. I have so many great books I can’t believe how blessed I am. My schedule for the day is: A good book, a good stew—and I may even take a good nap.

I hope you have a good day!


Anonymous said...

Clif, funny you should talk about stew today. Paul had dr appts late today so I made a stew in the crock pot early this am and it smelled wonderful when we walked in the door. It's not raining here, but is cold. The only thing that would make the stew better, is to share it with loved ones like you two.