Monday, January 29, 2007

The Hallmark Hall of Fame had another winner last night. Their presentation, The Valley of Light, was excellent. It was heart warming and inspirational. The theme was that we have a purpose in life. A simple but important truth was said by one of the characters, “Everybody needs somebody.”

This little valley was filled with good people. Perfect? No, and I’m sure if you “dug” around you would finds some bums. But the show focused on the good. It was refreshing.
A little community of people that wanted to do good. In addition to this, Hallmark always presents fantastic, heart warming, commercials. I get teary eyed over each one.

I have known my wife since she was a young girl. We have been married over 48 years. She has always wanted to be good. Sounds corny? Maybe. But it’s true. And, believe it or not, we come from a time when people in general, wanted to be good. Oh, yea, there were bad people around, and have been since the beginning of time, but we didn’t know many of them. We left our windows and doors open and the screen door had a simple latch that wouldn’t deter anyone really wanting in. We felt safe and secure. If we needed anything there was a neighbor there to help. Today, it takes a tragedy to get anybody to pay attention.

The Valley of Light was about people who simply wanted to do right. I liked it. I liked it a lot!