Friday, July 27, 2012

Lunch has always been a happy time for me. As far back as I can remember I have always been ready to eat at lunch time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. When I was young I didn't like being called to dinner but now I love that call.

But then there's the matter of breakfast.

Growing up I didn't care for it at all. I usually just skipped it. "You mean you didn't eat much." No! I mean I skipped it. But sometime during my teen years I came to my senses and realized that I should be eating something for breakfast--but what?

I never liked cereal and still don't. I didn't care much for eggs. Pancakes and waffles weren't on my wish list either.

At some point in my quirky life I "woke up" and discovered I like a BIG BREAKFAST: Eggs, bacon,sausage, or ham and especially hash browns. Biscuits and gravy found their way to the top of my list also.

Charlotte gets up in the morning with a smile on her face. Eats her shredded wheat and begins her day whistling a happy tune. I know she cares for me or she wouldn't have stayed around for fifty-four years. But she never bought into the idea of cooking me a BIG BREAKFAST. Most of my life I haven't wanted to cook anything and certainly not breakfast. So I have just drug along being a bit bewildered about breakfast.

But recently I discovered a breakfast casserole that I like and I don't mind making. It's eggs, sausage, cheese, butter, milk, cheese and hash browns. I bake it. I cut it into portions, wrap it, pack it in a container and freeze it. 

I get up in the morning half asleep, bring in the newspaper, turn on the T.V., make a pot of coffee, and pop a portion of casserole in the microwave.

After reading the paper, drinking a cup of coffee and listening to a little news on the T.V. I enjoy that delicious breakfast casserole. 

I'm no longer bewildered by breakfast and Charlotte's glad to be alive, this is the day the Lord has made mood is rubbing off on me.  


Mevely317 said...

What a picture you're painted, Clif. Love Charlotte's attitude!

I, too, am a BIG fan of breakfast and breakfast casseroles ... tho Tom prefers his sausage, biscuits and gravy, etc.

But fixing "the works" at home can create such a greasy mess. Ugh. Usually the least expensive meal to eat "out", we try and do that a couple times each month ... and leave the casseroles for the holidays.