Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How We Got The Point but Missed The Person
By Leonard Sweet

OVERVIEW: In What Matters Most, Leonard Sweet presents a challenging and compelling approach to belief that is joined by dynamic engagement with God. You are invited to explore the uncharted regions of faith by following Jesus, completely on his terms. Once you begin, you will never go back to mere belief. 

AUTHOR: Leonard Sweet, PhD, is founder and president of Spirit Venture Ministries, a professor at Drew University in New Jersey, and a visiting professor at George Fox University in Oregon. A leading social critic and cultural observer, Sweet is the chief writer for Sermon.com and has authored numerous books that have changed Christian thinking, including The Gospel According to Starbucks. Sweet lives on an island in northern Washington state.

MY REVIEW: This excellent book was previously released as Out of the Question―Into the Mystery. I agree with Chris Seay, author of The Gospel According to Tony Soprano who said, "Len Sweet has really done it this time! In true midrash form, Len exposes the beauty of a relationship with our Creator. He asks all the hard questions and leads us to a place of grace beyond the formulaic answers. throw all your selfhelp books in the trash and immerse yourself in a book that will help you see your faith journey in a whole new way."

Sweet says, "Belief can exist in isolation, but faith requires a relationship."  He explains it this way: "As Christians we often talk about developing a 'personal relationship' with Christ, but instead of pursuing a relationship, we pursue knowledge. We are tempted to place confidence in our definite, settled beliefs, which offer a pale substitute for the daily adventure of an honest relationship with Jesus."

Leonard Sweet is a master with words. When I read one of his books I find myself wanting to underline or highlight every sentence. When I finish What Matters Most it will be underlined and highlighted from beginning to end. And what isn't underlined or highlighted will be important also. "Sweet has given us a great gift."

(This book was given to me free for this review by Blogging For Books and I was not required to write a positive review.)