Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All my friends at Abilene Christian wanted to "kiss me good-bye." I was on my way West—going to L.A. All hope was gone. They knew they would never see me in heaven.

In Abilene in 1957 we were still discussing the sin of mixed bathing. Occasionally someone who had good sense would remind us it wasn't actually mixed bathing people were engaging in but mixed swimming.

They were right about me. One of the first places I headed after landing in L.A. was the beach.

Oh, how I loved it! And I still do.

Yes, my old bones love the warmth of the desert but my heart belongs to the ocean. 

Even in 1957 it was smoggy in L.A.—really smoggy. But you know what, I didn't mind it too much.

I hated the cold, blowing wind that just cut right through me in Abilene. Most days in L.A. were beautiful and still are.

Great weather, great restaurants, great beaches, great sports—the list goes on and on. Great!

L.A. is a great place for preachers. There's a lot of sin there. California is the Corinth of the Bible.

Looking for looney? Head West. Yes, I admit we are looney in the Southwest but they are loonier in L.A.

L.A.—land of the loonies. I have been gone from there for over forty years but I still miss it. Do I want to live there again. Absolutely not! I just want to dream about it.


Lori said...

It's so funny the misconceptions people have about California and Californians, of course part of that is true, but in my little ol' hometown of Lodi, we have more churches per capita than anywhere else. I miss the ocean too! Lori